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As a runner, I'm very interested in the 9 day week. (I have just been struck down with acute bronchitis, so I must be doing something wrong!) However I'm puzzled by this post. Don't triathletes need weight training, as promoted in "Fast After 50"?
Toggle Commented Dec 20, 2016 on The 9-Day Training Week at Joe Friel
Hi Joe, more sane and illuminating advice! Yes, I can see very clearly now that inconsistent workouts are my biggest limiting factor, but due to chronic disorganisation rather than over-training. I just need to be born all over again to be a successful runner and human being !!! I've been wanting to thank you for your book "Fast After 50". I am 74 and have long been committed to running AND weight training. Your book not only endorsed that, but has enthused me to go further in intensity. I was already doing intervals/hill repeats, but your very short (VO2max) and very long (lactate) intervals feel very powerful indeed. I'm really hoping to improve my 5k parkrun times as a result. If you are in the UK and available at 9am any Saturday morning you might enjoy a parkrun (free 5k time trial/quasi race. Greater London has 47 and counting, and they are popping up all over, abroad too. To me they are the most exciting development in running today. You just sign up once for all online, print out your bar code and turn up on any day at any event - no race numbers, no advance commitment, but brilliantly organised online results. As well as your book, I appreciate your generosity in writing such long and thoughtful replies to queries here. I'm already looking forward to the next one. Very best wishes from Alexandra.
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2016 on Travel and Training at Joe Friel
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Nov 16, 2016