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Heard the term applied to Brazil Nuts as well as the sunflower known as a blackeyed susan. The term Nword shooter was universal in central texas for those of us who grew up in the 1950s and before. My home town even had an Nword shooter ordinance until the late 1960s that read something like " It shall be unlawful to discharge a catapult, or slung shot otherwise known as a "nword shooter" in the city limits of ___." Our youthful understanding of the term was the rubberband/pouch mounted in a y shaped stock intended, perhaps jokingly, for shooting african american persons. My father was emphatic that I was not to use mine to shoot any "colored" people. Other definitions implied that the instrument was a weapon of choice for african american people and still another was that it was used by overseers to urge fieldhands toward greater productivity. The first time, I heard the polite term for the instrument was from some middle class and proper emigrants from Mississippi. These people insisted that the proper term was "sling shot" and we knew that was a lily-livered euphanism because David did not have vulcanized rubberbands when he slew Goliath. Nevertheless we knew it was cruel to call african american people Nwords the acceptable terminology being "colored person," or "Negro." These Nwordisms are far less commonly used now as those of us who are non-african descended have been absorbed by the civil rights movement, realized that people with african ancestry are (faint praise) as good as we are with some even being smarter and making more money.
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Jan 7, 2010