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Suppressing his outrage, Ferris stood and raised the black marble pinched between his thumb and forefinger, held up high for all to see. For the third time, the vote came back; twelve white and one black. The assembly needed unanimous decision and time was running out. "Gentlemen, how many fugitive nights must we endure, gathered in secret only to reach an impasse? Each day the enemy advances, their scouts and spies are already among us. We must act as one, to be devided is to fail." Ferris sat back down, the lines and shadows of his face shifting in the golden orange glow of an approaching dawn, revealing how tired he was. He mopped his face with his hands and swept back a tangled mane of his white hair and looked up, eyes glinting hard. He stared at these men gathered in the echoes of darkness to search for any sign of weakness. These men were his friends, neighbours and business associates and he had known them all his life. As children they played in the streets and fought in the alleys together. They got drunk at weddings and birthdays as family and wept at funerals as brothers. He suspected a Judas among them and wondered which of them he could no longer trust. Each man met his gaze with granite resolve. He would have to wear them down some more he reckoned, before anyone cracked under pressure. "All right then, let's try it again. Cast your votes" Ferris said shoving forth the bean pot. is now following The Typepad Team
Jan 13, 2010