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great card!!! what a great idea! thanks for sharing
I *love* this project! great for sooo many occasions! thanks for the inspiration!
Happy Birthday! Thanks for an amazing 9 years of inspiration!
thanks so much for participating at SNC last weekend - love seeing your layouts in the gallery - and thanks for sharing them here on your blog, seeing how you do all the details is making me want to play with paper!
I love when kids get things mixed up - and then we don't correct them! My son(now 6) has always called instructions - 'concructions' - it was cute, so we didn't often correct him...the other day he was explaining something to me saying 'you need to follow the instructions mom'...I kinda teared up! your household looks like soo much fun! love that you capture so much of it :)
adorable!!!! love it
I was mostly a stay at home mom for many years - but I always kept busy with volunteering, projects, part time work etc etc -- and never felt like I had time to do what stay at home moms were supposed to do, I was too busy 'working' at other things! I went back to a paying job a little more than a year ago- and I love it! My schedule is such that I don't miss too much of the kids lives, I have a few hours a week to tend to the house etc etc I just recently had 2 weeks off...the first few days I said 'I could totally fall back into this stay at home mom gig' the end of the first week I was missing work! I'm actually more productive when I work half the day first! go figure! and I don't feel guilty anymore if there's housework that's not done or I choose to scrapbook instead - I let it go :) lol
so pretty - love this technique - that would definitely go on a scrapbook page or in my art journal!
love all your extra touches - and love that your doing the same basic page for each kiddo, but tweaking it a bit - brilliant you are!
I think I deleted my comment -- oops -- love your lo, love your challenge and love you and your style! thanks for playing along with us at SNC this weekend! I'm not on linkedin, but if I was I'd totally endorse you! you'll be great in the school system with your upbeat an enthusiastic demeanour! :)
love! so great to see the same file for all 3! that cut file is so fun.
love! this is a great travel line! I don't travel much, but I can see so many other possibilities with this too!
such great inspiration!!! wish you were teaching a class closer to me! thanks for the chance to win a kit :)
love all of this! I didn't get to participate in NSD festivities since I was working, but I'm making up for it this afternoon and tomorrow!! thanks for the chance to win a fantastic prize!
crazy busy!!! lots of fun stuff though, that cruise must be amazing! loving all the Simple Stories stuff, you definitely rock it every time! :) Really wish crop & Create would come back to BC :( Can't wait to read about your next adventure!
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2014 on Lots to Share and a GIVEAWAY!!! at Vicki Boutin
love love love this layout, especially the our favourite place pics! so clever as always. What a great collection, would definitely love the win it, the sequins look really neat! is now following The Typepad Team
Jan 16, 2010