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Engineer-Poet. You are wrong. The majority of RNG generated in CA is not landfill gas but anaerobic digestion gas. And CARB has certified many of the processes as being carbon negative. Yes, you heard me right, carbon negative meaning it out-performs your sacred EV's hands down. In fact, RNG is the only vehicle fuel that can act as a carbon sink, and it does it without relying on child labor dependent cobalt battery material and rare earth battery issues. So lets focus on the science and fact. RNG is here now and doesn't need any economic or supply chain or technology break-throughs to be able to deliver cost-effect clean air. In fact, LA Metro documented that on a dollar per ton or dollar per pound basis, no other fuel choice is as cost effective for reducing CO2 or Nox. Period. As long as humans produce organic waste (food waste, sewage, etc) RNG will be an important and necessary part of our energy future. And using it as a vehicle fuel is the highest value use and avoids the cobalt, rare earth and other battery issues (like range, weight, cost).
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May 17, 2018