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It's not just lack of knowledge ; the manufacturers bear some (arguably most) responsibility for reported poor sales. All they offer are vehicles that are pretty much "one-offs", with tech that will be supplanted next year by something else. When the battery pack needs replacing, owners are forced to purchase an older chemistry at very non-competitive prices. (solution: mfr's r&d provide sidegrades for control hard/software to allow for newer battery types) Of course the real problem is that - unlike ICE - electric and hybrids are also stuck with one-off driving paradigms : a different one for each model. Why can't I walk into a dealership and get something that will give me : 50km worth of battery for my daily commute, and no more (weight) ; a 300km (and no more : bulk) tank of natural-gas ICE for a weekend jaunt ; then optionally use regular gas/diesel for the odd vacation trip. (The last two supplemented by the battery-pack, obviously). Oh, and because I'm a laid back driver, a tiny ICE (turbine, sofc, whatever) will do just fine. And I should be able to get that whether I'm purchasing a grocery-cart or a land-yacht.
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May 27, 2018