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Yet we never hear commentators talk about "wasted energy anxiety" or the anxiety, anger or frustration of having to pay $6-7 a gallon for petrol in Europe - especially when two-thirds of the energy in each of those expensive gallons is wasted. Nope - all we hear about is the fallacious demand-killing negative that's designed to deter the masses from making the switch to EVs: range anxiety. Despite the fact that 90% of drivers cover less than 50 miles 320+ days of the year. See: "95% of All Trips Could Be Made in EVs Says Study" ...and those trips could be made far more cheaply and energy-efficiently of course. (Oops - forgot to mention "Unexpected ICE Repair Bill ANXIETY" eg. clutch, exhaust and a few dozen other costly parts that EVs do very well without) Paul G
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Sep 5, 2018