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Dear Rodrik, I think as before, you are wrong on your analysis. Let me give you a little perspective as an AKP and Erdogan supporter for your future posts on Turkey. First I see the Turkish population very broadly as AKP and SP supporters: Muslims (most Turks and Kurds, there many different groups), MHP supporters: nationalist-muslims (muslims but also kemalist), CHP supporters: secular Turks (some nationalist, some globalist, but mostly not democrat and anti-religon), secular Kurds (mostly kurdish nationalist, and mostly not democrat). Although not openly discussed, this view is shared among many in Turkey. And I think it explains the reason why we as muslims support fellow muslims. For the last 16 years; most AKP MPs in 2002-2007 were Muslims (a westerner would also call them islamists). Since they did not vote for to allow US to invade Iraq via Turkey, they could not become candidates in 2007 election. After that, bureaucracy mostly controlled by gulenists, until 2010. When erdogan started to openly criticize israel's bombardment of gazza, the gulenist supported by globalists in america gave up supporting erdogan and aligned themselves only with america to undermine his power. This lead AKP and Erdogan to consolidate the power to minimize the risk of being overthrown: eg. Gezi park riots (supported mostly by secular Turk allevites), coup attempt (coordinated in Incirlik). These difficulties have also made AKP and MHP allies (I should note that 98% of population against gulenists and more than 90% thinks america was behind the coup attempt.). New alliances have brought many distrusts in bureaucratic decisions which made the president simply want to see every decision.
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Sep 19, 2018