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Hi Mike, the perfect MMM SLR was, and still is, the FM2n Nikon ! Great viewfinder, max mechanical speed of 1/4000th, and a battery that is only for metering but you can use it without (it's absence doesn't hinder shooting at any speed or aperture). In fact, after years of shooting a Leica M6 (the original one), I sold the Leica and reverted to the FM2n as I was fed up with not being able to take a portrait across the small tables of a café's terrace in Paris (about 60 to 70 cm)...! I even have three of those FM2n, one for each of it's shutter variants. Even in our digital age (I settled for a Df) those FM2n work flawlessly whatever the environment and can resit a lot of abuse. Sadly, it's my B&W wet darkroom that I packed up that stopped me using them (and the demise of Kodachrome). Sigh !
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Jul 8, 2018