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Thanks. I was not really focused on or given much thought to the part of investors and such. I was just focused on proving that the concept works and works well. I believe I have something much more better than many of the engines that have received DARPA funding in recent years.
Hi people, I used to comment on this site a while back. I actually have some working rotary engines, similar to the Mazdas' in terms of rotor shape.The housing is ellipse-like in the diesel version, and hypocycloid in the gasoline versions. Improvement over the mazda types are. 1) apex seals improved for longer life 2)Ability to run any fuel 3)No more uses the eccentric shaft, rotor and shaft rotate at same rpm. (Meaning a single rotor is equivalent to mazdas'three rotor) . Meaning insane power to weight ratio,and huge torque from low rpm. 4)Ability to use lower eccentric ratio R/e in the design(5 and above) 5) No expensive gearing involved Please I need connection and direction to either funding or serious investors. This is not an engine on paper. I have running prototypes. I live in Vancouver Canada,by the way. I am a mechanical engineer,but did all the machining myself.
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Oct 3, 2018