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He lied about Strzok and also lied about when he knew that Trump was innocent.
Toggle Commented Jul 24, 2019 on Mueller Time! at JustOneMinute
Marlene: Weissman wrote the report.I don’t believe that Mueller didn’t know how partisan Weissman and all those other jokers were. I think he fudged the truth a couple of times wrt Fusion GPS, Steele and the Trump Tower meeting. A sad disgraceful performance on his part.
Toggle Commented Jul 24, 2019 on Mueller Time! at JustOneMinute
Strategic deception is lying in my book. I believe Trump did not lie. Ergo I don’t agree with you TomR.
Toggle Commented Jul 24, 2019 on Mueller Time! at JustOneMinute
Henry: I turned off the Dems as well. It is all lies as usual.I decided to throw TomR a bone. Yes Mueller said in his testimony what you have posited ad nauseum here. I still don’t think Trump lied about it. So we still don’t know for sure.
Toggle Commented Jul 24, 2019 on Mueller Time! at JustOneMinute
Iggy: I saw that clip of Booker. Dagen McDowell on the “Five” said if you are talking about your testosterone you don’t really have that much.
Narciso: Saw one on vacation in Portsmouth ,New Hampshire.
Coyotes have shown up in urban areas.
Iggy: Thanks for the Jimmy Cagney picture. One of my all time favorite actors!
Mifsud is a topic and his lawyer will tell Durham that Mifsud is an intelligence officer was paid to approach Pappadoupoulos and get info on Trump and Russians. Also Ukraine admits other back channel doings to set up Trump.
Catsmeat and Jane: Have fun tomorrow! Wish I could be there. With RG and you two, the conversation will be wonderful!
Didn’t Cooper tell the truth? At least he showed up. Pagliano said no thanks and was never held accountable. I wonder how much he was paid off to be a no show.
Mueller needs someone to hold his hand during his interrogation. What a wimp!
Why post something that is unreliable? Jane: I am sorry it happened to you. I can’t even imagine the worry and anxious feelings you must have had throughout this ordeal.
As soon as Sanders goes ahead of Warren and Harris innpolls like today they find a way to dump on him.
Henry: They are determined to get Bernie out of the race again.
Jane: Totally unnecessary because some doctor made the wrong diagnosis.
OL: My response is I agree with you and My decision is to not buy a phone with that intrusive feature. Jane: So glad You had such positive news from the doctors. I don’t do doctors because I honestly feel their main job is to find something wrong with you. The last time I was in the hospital was for the birth of my son 33 years ago. Here is how Target Stores can offer wages of 13 dollars an hour soon to reach 15 in 2020. They cut everyone’s hours. Understaffed stores force the workers to do more to earn their money. Agree with Henry and Jimmyk. As far as the term 4D—-useless and fictional and no facts to back it up.
Should be left on my lunch hour.
AB: You don’t know me at all so please don’t assume that you do. I voted for Trump. You can ask my husband to verify it if you don’t believe me. I left the polling place I was working at andwent to Rocky River to vote on Election Day because it was important to me that he win the election. I also campaigned door to door for the Republican ticket and attended fundraisers for local candidates. Next time get your facts straight before you pontificate on matters of which you know nothing.
Another Bob: Tell me who I voted for in 2016? I don’t believe in hero worship. In my opinion MM’s and your opinion of the President is a tad over the top. And what pray tell will I “Learn Someday?” Nothing from you,I am sure.
Jordan is from my state of Ohio and I have read about Nunes and his desire to serve his farming district in California . He fought hard for his congressional seat and is not a quitter. Jordan is a former wrestler with a ton of tenacity. Neither would leave and are working hard now in the minority.
MM: Please see my comment disagreeing with CH. In my opinion and in my life it is dangerous to put people on a pedestal. President Trump is not my savior or America’s savior. He is a man doing a good job as President. You can idolize him all you want. My comment was my opinion not an insult to you. Please learn the difference and don’t take it personally.
Fought hard against Gore and the Dems trying to steal the 2000 election. I am still glad Bush got rid of Saddam and fought the Iraq war and sent the Taliban on the run. President Trump routed ISIS.Putting them in the same sentence as the Clinton grifters is misguided in my opinion.
CH: Couldn’t disagree more wrt the Bushes.
Pence and Jordan ,Crenshaw,Nunes and Meadows didn’t need President Trump to show them the way to be tough. They were always principled and fought the establishment and the Dems at every turn long before Trump came along. Trump is president not a savior.