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The bottom caricature is Brian Hines
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Yep it sure sounds like they protest too much Also they're fooling themselves if they believe they're humbly heading for death Paul kind of put it in a nutshell "I die daily" Get that right then go onto the internet and beat your breast at how humble you've become.
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What is love is not entirely correct The guru - disciple relationship is in fact based on love, not necessarily a fulfilled love at inception of the connection, however it is a love in the making from one side of the equation. Some are more sincere than others at inception of the relationship. For those who's motives are for ulterior purpose, i.e. for salvation or a business type deal like "I will meditate this much you give me x amount of personal reception or recognition" it's heading for a rude awakening. No such deal exists in guru / disciple or disciple / guru relationship. It may be rare when the relationship is based on pure unconditional devotion from both perspectives, however this is in fact the true basis of the relationship. Those who's initial expectancy is based on ulterior motivations when entering into this bargain of give and take conditions, will not amount to much appreciation of any love, if anything.
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A friend of mine was an advanced instructor in TM meditation He was practicing austere trancendental meditation for long hours daily as prescribed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He was in fact training as instructor in thar system. He had kundalini experience and crashed psychologically. Blew his entire psychological equilibrium and had severe nervous breakdown. Was hospitalised with advanced schizophrenic symptoms and administered psychological medication till he died from jumping off a 7 storey building about 15 years later. Certain systems have nil - zero protection once elevated consciousness unguided occurs.
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Spence Tepper what "abomination" are you going on about? Whether you're referencing Abraham -Isaac - Jacob or Moses - Joshua - Elijah - Samuel - Jeremiah - Ezekiel - Isaiah Socrates - Plato - Aristotle - Plotinus -Pythagoras Or Johanan - Jeshua - Shimon - Shaul (John - Jesus - Simon - Paul) Or Shams i Tabriz - Jal al din Rumi -Hafiz - Kabir Nanak - Angad - Amar Das - Ram Das - Arjan All of whom are dead and cannot offer you anything of tangible influence today. And Including Seth Shiv Dayal - Jaimal - Sawan - Jagat - and Charan Singh The mystic path remains the same. The teacher connects the disciple to the source of anahad shabd, hukm, kalma, logos, word, celestial melody, through means best directed by meditative practice and guides disciple inwards. My question is show a higher spiritual path as taught by RSSB gurus (by your own experience) in current format today. I haven't come across one. If you have and have personal experience to vouch such 'spiritual path' can lead you to higher realm than Sant mat as taught by RS guru's then show it, enlighten me.
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Show which higher spiritual path than Sant mat as taught by RSSB gurus. There isn't one.
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Apr 3, 2019