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I know it has been several years since this post was originally made, so I'm not sure if my question will be seen. Hopefully someone can help me! My little brother is doing a high school project that requires him to interview me. The interview was conducted over email; he sent me the questions in a word document, and I filled in my answers. The criteria sheet specifies that the students must include the interview as a source in their "bibliography" (which should be done in APA). They are also required to submit all raw research notes, including the interview transcript, with the final project. I know that according to the official APA guidelines, the interview should be cited in-text only, as personal communication. However, I am wondering if there is a way that my brother can satisfy his teacher's requirement to include it in his reference list, while also upholding APA guidelines. Perhaps the interview could be considered retrievable, because the transcript will be submitted along with the rest of the project. Because this is a high school project, it doesn't follow all the formalities of an academic paper. However, I would say that submitting the interview with the final project is akin to including it in an appendix. Obviously I am okay with my interview being "on record" for his project, so confidentiality is not an issue in the case. Considering all of this, do you have any suggestions? Thanks for your help!
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May 4, 2019