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If any sim within secondlife is worth such an exception it would have to be Hangars. Many countless times it has been the sole reason for myself to continue logging in; it is one of the very few sims that still instil a sense of wanderlust, a unique gem in a sea of so much...well if you've played secondlife before, you should know. As Lawrence mentioned before, it's such a work of love and labour where each piece of it is in essence, handmade. It goes far beyond than just the build, the music and the whole atmosphere of the place all work to captivate you. If anything within this silly game is worthy of considered being art, I feel as though Hangars is. I logged in here to add my two cents to this discussion hoping it'll somehow land on LL's ears, yet if anyone knows of a petition or something similar, please post it here.
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Jul 11, 2019