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Diane Lane
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I want to completely used up, spent when the time comes for me to shed my skin. Yes I also have issues with the amount of time, energy it takes to care for my home. But more importantly we have front row seats to the end of a civilization. For Me it is more important to find a community with whom I can watch the show comment debate eat popcorn and daily gather the strength to do the next right thing! Interesting time to be alive huh? Barns burned down; now I can see the moon!
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My my although I am happy to have found site; it seems no-one has any solutions? I am young old hippie and seriously need a community of do golfers. It is fairly amazing with so many of us coming of age that no one has developed a community. Seriously they do not want us to come together, they want us to comply and be nice and enjoy the golf course! What they fear is us old folks speaking our minds and getting involved ( this requires us to act.) I will move anywhere US or otherwise. I am on SSDI and I believe “we are the next sacrifice zone.” I live currently in a trailer park where most of the residents are shut down or drugged. In fact I find the 20-30 age group are totally unaware that there is and on button! Help me please I have to move somewhere, anywhere with folks that KNOW beyond in the box out of the box for there is no Box!! We make the box up and believe it’s real. Listen if we are going to make a box; let’s put whistles and slides in it.` Make if fun exciting healthy and stimulating. I do also know they want all us old hippies to go to sleep so soundly we have no clue the quest is at our door! I am former Holistic Lifesyle Counselor/ Nutritionist well schooled, versed, experienced and educated.I live in Branford Ct.
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Oct 24, 2019