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Rick Breunesse
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@peter-xx the 20% in the article is referring to spark ignited natural aspirated 4 or 8 cylinder engines (subject to this technology). In a sense this competes with downsizing and turbocharging of engines. This can be cost efficient as the turbo components and cooling for such can be removed. Required technology would be cylinder de-activation and a movable camshaft like Mercedes Camtronic. When applying to charged engines a compressor would make more sense. Where turbo engines profit from higher load conditions this principle profits from low load conditions.
Emission Control is always priority so cold starts can be done in 'normal' mode (all cylinders). Once light-off temps are reached the overexpansion mode can be enabled if engine load request is <50% (eg. cruising, low load). Just like how cylinder de-activation is used. It can be part of engine heating strategy too as the block can potentially heat up quicker in overexpansion mode.
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Oct 31, 2019