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Hellooooo - was scheduled for a soft tissue graft gum yesterday (tell you about that in a second) and came across this blog as part of the "R&D" phase many of us needing this procedure obviously go through. Thought I would add a nice and relevant 2019 recount so here it goes. Firstly, a little disclaimer, I was actually pretty lucky in that I basically needed only half a molar done. This was a result of crappy brushing over the years. I know there are many out there not as fortunate as I was and need a lot more done. However it of course doesn't change what happens or what you feel in the actual procedure per se, but the impact is almost certainly post op. So on to the "procedure from hell". Well ladies and gentlemen I have to tell you that this is pure NONSENSE. I mean unless myself and the original poster are just fortunate to live in Oregon where the Periodontists are incredible, the only way this procedure is "hell" is if you have the misfortune to go to a really sub par practice and practitioner. I have had a root canal done before and that is far worse than this. I've had regular cavities filled before that I thought were worse than this. The worst thing you can do is educate yourself somewhat on the procedure and then letting your mind run wild with what you think may suck about it. But that's all it is - in the mind. My advice - choose one of two paths. Either educate yourself fully or not at all. Now me, I'm a geek in this way I and I wanted to know exactly what was up. That's how I came across this blog and many other recounts, and how I even ended up watching on Youtube exactly the procedure I was going to have. Yeah, it's a bit gory and not for the weak of heart BUT it helped me understand what my doctor was doing to me (as it was happening) and helped me compartmentalize things. So I knew when he was tunneling and cleaning the root, I knew when he was harvesting the gum and I knew when he was placing and suturing it. Believe it or not this really helps to get you through the time as you check things off - "okay he's done the first part, we are halfway through" etc etc. Helpful for me and made it not scary at all. Or go no education, don't wanna know - I could have done this as well to be honest. Either way PICK YOUR PATH. Don't go in 50/50 or your mind will take over and send you into panic with self actualized fake news ;) My actual operation? Took about an hour and 15 minutes. He took a 12x6mm piece of tissue from the roof of my mouth - its close to the teeth line about 3mm away (I learnt this online :) ) and sewed it over the gum below T30 on the lower right side. I had just local anesthetic (honestly you need nothing more) and I felt absolutely no pain whatsoever. Even the hygienist who gave me the injections was so good I didn't feel those either. I didn't need music (the claims of terrifying scraping etc are simply not true) and I alternated between eyes open and closed (closed mostly because of the flashlight of my doctor). There were times I consciously caught myself a little tense but it was easy to take a deep breath and relax. I could even readjust my glasses myself and there were no things jammed in my mouth to keep them open (like with a RC). I saw not a drop of blood (I read this somewhere and it's IMPOSSIBLE to see it because of how far back you are tilted) so don't worry about that making you queasy, it won't happen. I walked in at 9.50am and walked out just before 12pm feeling no worse for wear. Rest of the day I just chilled (you should do this), picked up my antibiotics and periodguard mouthwash, kept my head up, took my advil/tylenol and iced my face for 10min every 2 hours. I ate yogurt with mashed banana and drank coconut water. This morning I started the mouthwash and antibiotics and I don't think I'm going to bother with pain meds because I have no pain. I really thought the roof of my mouth would bother me but it doesn't in the slightest (remember it's on the side not the absolute top). I had a little blood in my spit as things clotted but this morning that seems to really be going away, all to plan. If you follow the plan you most probably won't have any issues at all. Now I am expecting a little annoyance maybe tomorrow and day 4 but lets see. Tomorrow I will start eating some warm solids again. Again, I was lucky with not having a lot of work done but remember, the volume of work done doesn't change what actually happens. More work = more gum harvested, more time in the chair and more to be careful with afterwards - it doesn't mean more pain or misery, that's simply false logic. So signing off, final words of advice (and similar to the original post) - it's going to be okay. Don't panic - it's not bad at all. Reading some accounts it's almost as if people are trolling others to deliberately freak them out. Educate fully or don't educate at all. Enjoy getting healthier! JS
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Nov 6, 2019