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I like to recommend the books "Boys Adrift" by Leonard Sax and "Free to Learn" by Peter Gray to parents whose children are having concentration issues. "Boys Adrift" gives a breakdown of what happens when children are encouraged into Ritalin and other ADHD medicines very early in their lives and the lasting negative side effects of those mind-altering drugs. "Free to Learn" describes alternate school settings (not alternative, which typically indicates ingrained behavioral issues) that are more beneficial to youths than the traditional public school settings. "Endangered Minds" by Jane Healy and "The Last Child in the Woods" by Richard Louv are also good reads, especially for those parents who rely too heavily on the electronic babysitters. "Endangered Minds" describes the dangers of too much screen time. It was originally written during the 1990's when video games and children's television were just beginning to boom and the mind-altering effects were ALREADY KNOWN back then...and the video games and CGI effects were not as advanced as they are now. "The Last Child in the Woods" describes the negative side effects of Nature Deficit Disorder and what can be done to prevent it. (Of course, I also highly recommend all of Rabbi Arush's works, especially "The Garden of Wisdom" and "The Garden of Emuna" for childrearing.) And no, I'm not an affiliate or associated with any of the above-mentioned works, just highly recommend them based on personal experiences and extensive research via Master's degree.
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