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Troy Thiel
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You got that right! Karen and I miss our Q time....once I discovered it I was always volunteering to do the Grocery was just going to be an hour or so longer! Say hey to Jameson and Imelda for me! I'm actually helping a friend here visualize adding a "Q" like to his and his brother's flagship Grocery store in a similar feeling locale..(mall with other draws/food sources) Miss ya Kirkland..and miss my Q time!
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2021 on I'm Drinking at "the Q" at Kirkland Weblog
Great idea! I think that lower amphitheater type seating is PERFECT as an outdoor classroom for the kids...."Children, today we learn how to make an IPA" class will be packed!!
Let's have some form of Cool Community Event when we can all be together! Maybe its over Labor Day??
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2020 on Kirkland's 4th Parade Cancelled at Kirkland Weblog
Good stuff fo sho! and speaking of 80s music..right around the corner at Top Golf Lounge, they talked about DJs on Friday and Saturday nights doing a bunch of 80s!!! Its time to eat a healthy protein filled salad/grain bowl then go hit some golf balls and show off my 80s dance moves..hope my Parachute pants still fit! #DiscoIsLife
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2020 on Evergreens Preps for Weds Open at Kirkland Weblog
Both are GREAT additions to downtown! The Bubble tea is off the hook..and Whoa...the Acme Ice Cream at Eat Local (along with their biz ethos!) is AWESOME!!!
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Dec 13, 2019