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Gordon-Kirkby John
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For the record. As detailed by Daniel Kumbon, my first marriage was in 1974 to a New Zealander, Ailsa Thorburn, an infant welfare nurse with the Nipa Uniting Church. It was our shared love of the PNG people that brought us together. I was then a kiap at Nipa. Ailsa and I combined patrols and I proposed on one of them. She told me then that she could not bear a child for me. We considered adopting. In 1978 we moved to a poultry farm in Katikati, New Zealand and I became a NZ citizen. The marriage was not to last. In 1984 we divorced but remained friends. I returned to remote outback Australia. Ailsa went to Zimbabwe in Africa. In 1988, then aged 52, I married Doreen, a widow with a teenage son. We are together to this day. Sadly Ailsa contracted motor neurone disease. I visited her in NZ two weeks before she died in 2018. Such is life.
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In recent weeks of February 2021 I have been repeatedly blocked by Facebook; at first for hours, later for a whole week because I reposted a historic 1920’s photograph of bare breasted (nipples blanked out) women from Bougainville Island. Facebook cannot differentiate between precious and beautiful anthropological records and pornography! To test their consistency, I posted a full frontal picture of Michelangelo’s statue of David and a nude female by Titan. No reprimand yet! Has anyone else had this experience? ________ It has happened occasionally with PNG Attitude, John, and it demonstrates a weird kind of cultural hypocrisy - KJ
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Dec 14, 2019