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This whole "story" stinks to high heaven. Judy Miller redux - regime-change info ops, coordinated across multiple media organizations. I happen to dislike Trump, Pompeo et al as much as the next person but here we have, yet again, another "scoop" with zero actual evidence, only the say-so of some nameless "intel officials," whose jobs might be described more accurately as state propaganda managers. How many more times are people gonna fall for this same routine? Even the Wapo, WSJ "confirmations" are a bait-and-switch. The only thing they confirm is that intel officials are indeed pushing this story, not its veracity. It's a circular claim -- like Cheney citing NYT "confirmation" of the unproven allegations his own office had passed on to Judy Miller. You can only speculate as to why this, why now. Just six months ago it was Iranians -- per Pompeo and his own cadre of "intel officials" -- who were offering bounties and sponsoring their own spoiler wing of the Taliban. So maybe it's a pre-fab "story" already in the propaganda repertory. The motive? Obviously it's to revive the Russiagate zombie one more time and make it go the distance -- the full four years of the Trump admin. And it creates media bubble pressure to extend the Afghan occupation. The kind of pressure that seems to have worked like a charm in case of Syria -- where Trump's order somehow got modified from withdrawal to open-ended occupation and oil-thievery. The relationship between flagship media and their contacts in the "intelligence community" isn't journalism. It's the relationship an advertising agency has to a client. They market the client's product and get paid in "scoops" and, with it, increased traffic.
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May 17, 2019