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I've just finished reading the Mark Galli article on "Divine Drama Queen," and I encourage your readers to have a look at it. You can find it at I'm a little concerned, however, with your summary of it, which is, I think, dishonest. You accuse him of blasphemy, etc., without seeing his point: God has done, is doing, and will do anything to get our attention and to bring us to recognition of our fallenness and lead us to salvation. And once you have cherry-picked all the images Galli chooses to help us get the point--God cares, profoundly, seriously, without limits--you use them out of context to condemn him. I think that's fundamentally dishonest. Here are the last paragraphs of Galli's essay: I much prefer reasonable religion with reasonable expectations, and a God who doesn't get bent out of shape every time his people trip up. But then again, I don't love as God loves. Not God. Not others. Not myself. The road to hell is paved with reasonable religion with a non-anxious god. Most days, I'm pretty happy driving down that road. But I keep running into this Crazy Fellow along the way. At every stop light, he jumps up and down to get my attention. He pounds on my window asking me where the heck I think I'm going. He stands on the front bumper, shouting at me to turn around. When all else fails, he throws himself in front of the car. He's such a drama queen. Have you read other pieces by Galli from CT? If you had, you'd realize that he is about as orthodox a Christian ss they come, with a high regard for scripture and for the Trinity. Your whole "let's quote Mark Galli from 2010" strategy is an example of one of the fallacies of argument, what we call "poisoning the well." Let's dig up dirt on someone so we can avoid dealing with their argument. And selecting portions of the earlier essay without putting them in context is what we call the "fallacy of accent."
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Dec 27, 2019