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I occasionally experience what is termed: lucid dreams, in which I find myself on busy thoroughfares--while remaining aware that I am actually asleep on the other side of the world. I reality test by touching walls, leaves on trees; traffic noise and car fumes are in the air, snatches of conversation reach me from passersby; none of the customary absurdities of dreams is in play. Maybe Remote viewing and the type of dream I describe are different terms for an identical phenomenon. Who knows? Not me. I have an old book on my shelf that is a study of Ted Serios---a Chicago man who seemed not only Remote view but also transmit photos of people and objects. There is a photograph of Queen Elizabeth's coronation that would have required a photographer to have been in an unlikely position in Westminster Abbey. another photo seems to be a Soyuz space capsule-- taken externally.
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Jun 5, 2019