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Trudy Abernathy-Neill
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I seldom think or remember to check for ideas on Pinterest and these are all so cute! Good idea about saving the borders /and or salvages, if it is one that I especially like and may want to reorder, I will cut them off with a tiny piece so I will know. You are very organized !!
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2021 on Bookcase Quilt at Blackberry Creek Home Arts
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Happy birthday to you! Barbara is very good about sending and sharing fabric and I knew you would like what she was sending. Have a good week there, hope your back cooperates to allow that to happen. All the best, Trudy
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2021 on Birthday Week at Blackberry Creek Home Arts
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Enjoying seeing your puzzles, Susan. I had an uncle from Yorkshire, Uncle Alec and grew up hearing the lilt in his voice. When we lived in England and drove up to and thru Yorkshire, I felt quite at home. The new version of "All Creatures Great and Small" on Pbs is very good and already finished for the first season. Second season is in the works, Barbara! Been busy here handsewing a simple 9 patch quilt for my granddaughter...some days I get more done on it than others but moving right along on it. Take care and welcome March with Spring soon here.
Toggle Commented Mar 2, 2021 on Snowy Puzzle at Blackberry Creek Home Arts
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Susan, the only thing that is keeping me going and sane is the farm...chores, flowers, weeding the gardens of which there are many,animal care, walks to our woods, and now as of recent days, getting on the 7 speed bike, by myself and just peddling down our country road, in spite of back pain and other issues. My sewing has been put on hold and I must get busy with that as Christmas gifts are waiting to be started. I have also been reading and staying in touch with family members who also do family tree work like I do. Sending comfort your way.
Toggle Commented Aug 14, 2020 on Binge Stitching at Blackberry Creek Home Arts
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I think I like the idea of a solid color to give balance to the prints used. The entire thing is beyond my skills that is for sure and I love to paper piece grandmothers flower garden blocks....this is way above that time involved to make mine I am sure. Carry on my friend, you are there to see it in person and I trust your eye! :)
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Nov 3, 2019