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James Rickard
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I think that my favouite has to be my first which was a Durst F30. I remember as a young teenager building my first darkroom and the fun of mixing potions and seeing an image appearing magically from the red gloom. So much more satisfying than the dust free perfect images chugging out of a printer. The loveliest engineered was a Leica enlarger with a standard 40mm lens and autofocus. So clever. Then there are the ones that I always wanted to try, Large format Dursts and Dunco which I could never find for sale. It says something that digital has made fantastic printing possible in a way that I could seldom achieve. But when on the rare occasions i get a print right, Wow. I love my best darkroom prints, for all of their,flaws to my very technically perfect dust and stain free digital ones. Not much beats seeing a print emerge from the developer even now.I am 13 years old again when I see it.
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Nov 5, 2019