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Robert Marlin Mroz
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I have been following this application of fuel cell technology for some time. The high CO2 content of the fuel cell output is a natural for feeding bioreactors of a unique strain of algae we had the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science isolate for us.This algae can thrive at up to 80% CO2. Power plants typically utilize combustion turbines that produce only about 3% CO2. This is too diluted to efficiently capture or isolate. However, feeding power plant flue gas to the carbonate fuel cell will not only fire the fuel cell to produce more power, it will also concentrate the CO2 so it can be efficiently used... by feeding it to our unique strain of algae. The algae will consume (capture) 100% of the CO2 (and any residual NOx) where valuable by-products can be produced and sold into the marketplace to generate an additional revenue stream. These biodegradable products, when eventually disposed of, will wind up in a landfill to produce biogas that can be used to produce more power and corresponding flue gas to feed more carbonate fuel cells and more algal bioreactors. I have a fully operational flue gas to algae facility running in Baltimore which can become a perfect test site for this marriage of technologies.
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Nov 12, 2019