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Etchemins Généalogie Histoire
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Etchemins Généalogie Histoire is now following Martin Hollick
Nov 25, 2019
Hi Martin, On Family Tree DNA, I have been told that you'll have more chances to find the most recent common ancestor (MRCA) if you join a project. The Quebec DNA project made a triangulation (last spring) of the Y-DNA signature of 3 descendants of the OTIS family proving John OTIS of Hingham, Mass. is related to Richard OTIS of Dover, N.H.; the MRCA being Richard OTIS (John's father) from the Glastonbury, Somerset, area. Using this Y-DNA signature, they have found new matches with one having a different lastname. He has an ancestor in the 1800's who was baptized with unknown parents. Since then, they have narrowed down candidates to a single couple and they are trying to identify which son is the father. Dan
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Nov 25, 2019