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Hi there, I followed your walk blog in 2009 and still think it was a wonderful idea. Here's some information that might interest you, and a request. 1. In the MS (f. 111), opposite the first two paragraphs of chapter 20, Stevenson appears to calculate the distance travelled: One sum multiplies 30 by 13. Here, Stevenson may be speculating that his characters are traveling 13 miles for 30 days to a total of 390 miles. A second calculation multiplies 390 x 1.6, giving 624. The 1.6 converts miles to kilometers, giving a total of 624 kilometers. Does 390 miles sound about right to you? 2. I'm helping to write notes for an edition of Kidnapped: does that 30 days travel correspond to your calculations? Would it be possible to share your table of days and dates? You count 3 weeks in Rob Roy's house, but the text says they set off 'before a month', so could this not mean anything from 22 to 27 days? — if 26 days then the 56 days 30 June to 24 Aug would contain 30 days of travel.
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Sep 2, 2019