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Very interesting article and very interesting comments. I'll certainly remember the Todd Hido quote next time someone is moaning about the negative effects of protective UV filters. It's also interesting to hear about the negative response to bokeh. Theses days I often see images that are about little else other than bokeh, so small and insignificant is the alleged subject matter and narrow the plain of focus. It also irritates me greatly, when I see classic and wonderful lenses being dismissed because their not sharp wide open, when they were simply not designed to be used in that manner. And for that matter lenses with modest maximum apertures, being dismissed in favour of those with higher, when the modest lens is often superior when used in the f/5.6-f/11 range.
There are a great many old recipes for dandelions, assuming they are the same variety as the UK.
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Good points, well made and I agree with them.
I have a Pentax KP and my primary lens has always been the 21mm ltd, sometimes swapped for a 28 or a 35mm but I recently purchased to 20-40mm ltd zoom and I find as well as being weather resistant, it also gives me all the range I need.
This essay is included in his book, Occam's Razor, published by Nazraeli Press, 1992.
Hi Mike I'm totally confused by this desire for larger and larger optics for hand held photography. On another site, here's been a lot of waxing lyrical about the new Pentax DFA* 85mm f1.4, which is huge but add the essential lens hood and it looks like a bazooka. Some of the purchasers have posted 3/4 length portraits taken at f1.4, where the near eye is sharp enough to see the bloodshot but due to shallow depth of field, even its eyebrow is out of focus let alone the further eye. A second shot had the near eye out of focus but only half of the distant eye in focus. IMHO such extreme shallow depth of field makes the lens unfit for purpose as a portrait lens at f1.4, although it was nice at f4 and smaller but I don't understand the point of designing such a large lens with such a fast maximum aperture if the laws of physics make it unfit for purpose and if the lens is only going to be used at f4 and smaller, why not make the maximum aperture f2.8, still keeping the sharpness but dispensing with all the extra glass and weight? I really don't understand it? The only explanations I can think of to justify it, is an obsession with big is better and bokeh mania pushed to the extreme. perhaps somebody else could explain the reasoning behind this large aperture philosophy? Please.
Start younger and realise the political and social aspects of photography earlier, instead of wasting years thinking about photography as a frivolous distraction. Should have listened to my heart and not some influential friends.
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Yes, I also have a Pentax MX and the viewfinder is incredible compared to more recent DSLRs however the best viewfinder I've ever used, has to be on my Mamiya RB67, it is huge and every detail, every blade of grass is visible. When I use that camera, I don't so much feel like I'm looking through the viewfinder but walking through it as though I'm actually inside the camera. There is no barrier between the subject on me, unlike live view with a DSLR, when the view is not only a screen to look at but also a screen between me and the subject.
Only glad to be of assistance ;-)
You could use the "Zoom" app or similar to hold video conference type meetings from home. We've set up a local Corvid-19 support group using this technology.
I'm afraid I have to disagree, I think Michael Ashkin's "HORIZONT" is a fantastic set of images. But then I like work that peers behind the glossy façade of late capitalism. I'm also a big fan of Baltz and the whole "New Topographic School", so called. Thank you for the head's up. I've added it to my Amazon wish list but sadly it doesn't seem to be available.
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