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Joseph Wilder
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Why make mandates that are impossible to implement. There is already more demand for EVs than supply. The limiting factor is batteries. EVs can't be made if there are not enough batteries to make them. It seems to me more productive to concentrate on getting more Lithium and battery manufacturing plants into the supply chain. Mostly, it's just Lithium. Governments should take on the task of finding sources and actually mining Lithium
It was a counter-incentive to charge EV users $100 per year extra on their vehicle registration. Why did CA do this if they are so intent on encouraging drivers to switch to EVs?
Is this the same One that makes One D Silicon? - very promising product.
As a former school bus driver - That's all you need. Good offering.
As a former school bus driver, it's obvious to me that school buses are prime targets for electrification. The routes I drove only amounted to about 50 miles per day over the course of picking up and dropping off.
This makes me wonder if additives to gasoline could disperse particles that reflect sunlight and reduce global warming?
Ford will attempt to take this market, lock, stock and barrel. If they succeed, their $500m investment will have paid off.
I'm surprised Tesla ranks so low.
I wouldn't mind have a CNG car, but the prices for fuel around me are almost the same as gas. It makes no sense.
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Dec 25, 2019