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I keep my own council so this statement in no way represents my personal views regarding China itself, its government, or anything of that kind. This is simply me parsing peoples' logic displayed in some of the previous comments... for example-Blizzard can go and make a bunch of bogus company emails, register them, then use them to post false survey results on some survey site that has little or no real political heft or power. Ok... logically, this is just silly. Having worked in the cyber-security field for more than 2 decades, the checks and balances make this scenario, while still remotely possible, so unlikely that it is just ridiculous. Let us keep in mind, "The Company" isn't some sentient entity acting on its own behalf. It is PEOPLE, in positions, and in order to pull this off, it would require people of shared opinion in key single point of failure positions (lest someone in the department who does NOT agree blow the whistle) across several different divisions of the company to all have successfully conspired to collaborate, spending company time to fudge and skew survey results on a survey site that doesn't really matter. Oh, Blizzard is ALSO publicly traded you say?! Activision Blizzard has a board of directors who govern business actions? If the said board takes actions for the company that employees disagree with, no one is forcing them to continue working for the said company? OHHH! Gee, maybe we have some people who lack a basic understanding of economics, corporate operation, diplomacy and geopolitics making statements about things the inner workings of which they are largely ignorant? Creating conspiracy theories to justify a narrative that wouldn't pass any litmus test for logic or reasonable likelihood? Naw, people NEVER do that on the internet! Do you REALLY think Blizzard, a profit-based, publicly held and traded corporate venture in a largely capitalist world market would waste its time (corporate time=financial resources) doing this, and that the stars would align just right so that the multiple employees required to collaborate to secretly pull this off would be aware of one another's attitude on the issue beforehand, be willing to risk someone changing their mind, outing the actions, marring the company for generating bullshit like that, and do it all over just one little employee survey? If so, why stop at such a small number of fake accounts? Why not make 300 fake accounts? Make the allegedly faked results even more clear and delineated? If this was important enough to waste company resources on and you had the proper people placed in the proper positions to pull it off, stopping at not even 100 survey results from a corporation of thousands of employees seems pretty tame. Come on now... you're adults. Disliking a narrative is not reason enough to engage in these silly mental gymnastics to create another narrative dependent upon unlikely conspiracies. Think this through. Some of you making these comments have GOT to have experience working in companies of this kind and are therefore fully aware of how company emails get created logged, used, etc., and that all of this is clearly visible to the corporate legal team, cyber-security team, and compliance departments, all of whom would have to actively choose to ignore the risks associated with creating bullshit email accounts, all for such a petty, stupid reason. Most corporate breaches occur via email security measures and practices failing, btw. To put the company at that much risk of being exposed for manufacturing bullshit survey results over something so petty is just too ludicrous to take seriously. Its possible, sure, but so highly unlikely that no reasonable, objective person functioning from a logical perspective would fail to realize that it just doesn't pass any smell test for being likely. Grow up, people. And on the note of speaking in terms of things from a corporate perspective, when you're on company time, you have no free speech. Its as simple as that. If you're being paid a wage to perform tasks on behalf of a company, the time during which they pay the wage, the location, building, grounds, or cyber-space in which that work occurs, that belongs to the company paying for that time from you. They have every right to control what goes on during the time they pay you to be essentially a representative of the company. That doesn't mean you have to agree with the company. But if you accept a paycheck from them, you are very literally agreeing to do what you are told during the hours you're being paid to be working for them. They own that time because they bought it. If you don't agree, you have to weigh how much you disagree, and if it outweighs the compensation the company pays you, its always your decision to stop accepting pay from them and resign. So many people have such enormous misconceptions regarding what free speech is, where it does and doesn't apply, what is and isn't "protected speech", and etc. I do personally think Blizz crossed the line when banning the player who made the comment, about HK in the first place, the Hearthstone champ... unless of course Blizz was sponsoring his appearance in the interview, in which case, ya, it's fully their right to take any action they want. It isn't imo great optics, but given the way the player through the company under the bus, so to speak, they were put in a shitty situation, to begin with. If he wasn't sponsored and it was simply a case of him speaking in his personal views (albeit in a stupid, careless way) on someone else's platform, then Blizz really had some tough choices, and in the end the law requires them to pursue the path they believe was most likely to continue generating the biggest profits for their investors, and that is just simply how corporations operate and the legal requirements that they're beholden to... This player, I mean really, he was provided with the very platform he used to vent his personal views due to his use of someone else's, i.e. Blizz's, in the first place, and if he were older and wiser, he probably would have kept things topical to the platform he was on... fucking eSports, rather than essentially creating drama for Blizzard by turning a completely unrelated, apolitical thing like an esports championship interview into a personal political soapbox. As for the laundry list of things the Chinese Government is guilty of, I hate playing the false equivalency game, but obvious things like how many of those very things the U.S. is also guilty of doing, in its own national self-interest should be mentioned as well... along with the mantra of worrying about your own backyard before involving yourself in someone else's (whether its a sovereign nation or a publicly held corporation). But far too many Americans conveniently perform extreme mental gymnastics to avoid even recognizing similar actions in American national self-interest have also occurred, in the name of "preserving security". They are still occurring, occurred in the past, and are likely to reoccur in the future. To that false equivalency game, I'll simply say, the fact that every country takes actions on a daily basis which are contrary to general human rights and freedoms doesn't make those actions okay. The U.S. does it every day, China does it, countries across the world do it, and it sucks. It's never okay or right. But that is an entirely separate issue from someone practicing bad judgement in the public comments they make from a platform they owe in part to the very entity they are complaining about. If dude doesn't like what China is doing, then one way to TRULY protest that is to stop supporting things that profit from China until behavior improves, so wtf is dude doing playing Blizz games if his beef is so big that he feels he has a right to use Blizz's public eSports platform to air personal views? It is childish and unproductive and likely to trigger the very knee-jerk responses that occurred. Its poor political calculation to try to play both sides by using a product that is profiting from some of the very entities you're bitching about. Only childish idealists behave in such diametrically opposed, stupid, unproductive, illogical ways. The reality is yes, you definitely put yourself in danger of estranging yourself from the provider of the very platform you abuse, and any responsible adult understands that concept.
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Oct 16, 2019