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Maurits Pino
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If Farage feels “awkward” on hearing foreign languages on a train, he's made some strange decisions in life. From his perspective, his German wife must feel permanently "awkward" - not something you would wish upon your spouse. And obviously he would feel miserable visiting his in-laws with all that German speaking around him (in the train, in the restaurant, and even in the streets)
Deirdre, not Dierdre (Blitzkrieg, not Blitzkreig etc) Graft - funny to discover the English as opposed to US meaning of that one!
Toggle Commented Feb 14, 2020 on Thatcherism's death at Stumbling and Mumbling
Housing & life cycle needs are badly adjusted. We either need to move more or have a better functioning rental market Small kids. Need: a garden. Get: apartment/too small house Big kids. Need: mobility for the kids (city centre/public transport). Get: a house with a garden Post kids. Same as previous but smaller. Time for music, cinema etc. Get: a house with a garden, half empty. Or perhaps an even bigger one Retired. Need: A place in nature & a studio in town for culture. At least as long as living independently. Get: a house with garden. Still half empty but now a bit run down. First floor unused because of the stairs.
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Oct 18, 2019