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Hello Adriano, good to hear from you. I think "their" is deliberately ambiguous,meaning both geese and the pioneers who went West, whose names are remembered. In which case 'Abandon' refers to the letting go of the pioneers as they moved into the unknown, and also to the winged migration of geese travelling their thousands of miles.
Thank you for your encouragement and generous words Bob. I found the series grew in ways I hadn't anticipated. At times the relevance of Herbert's thought and images to our current crisis was at times uncanny. I hope you are well, and keeping safe. Grace and peace from Scotland.
Hello Allan, and thank you for being in touch. I think it is a lovely and reassuring image, that our lives are safely deposited in Christ. Another way of saying nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. They are good words to say, perhaps because they both acknowledge the mystery of life and death, but also find an existential rootedness in the love that has overcome death. And if John Barton is OK with it..... His History of the Bible is such a refreshing read. God's blessing and peace on your ministry Allan.
That is very helpful Bob, and further illuminating! I agree Herbert almost certainly 'got' that pun. A senseless instrument - could that also mean a purposeless instrument, because without a player? Thanks for following my posts, and for the wee nudge on the Carnival!
Thank you for pointing that our Cecilia you are quite right and I've corrected as you suggested. Thank you for your encouragement too, Shalom, Jim
Raymond Brown has been a cornerstone in my library for more than 40 years. Brodie I have used only occasionally from the University library. And I still greatly value Barett, which I worked through as an undergraduate. After these, there are still riches out there!
Hello Chita - O'Day and Thompson are two of the best commentaries available in my view. They do different things and together provide fresh perspectives, careful scholarship, and both writers are writing for the church as well as the scholarly community. Thompson has more critical weight and engagement with more recent scholarship; O'Day had more space for making connections between the Johannine world and our contemporary world. I use them both and rank both highly.
Hello Kate - the quotation is from a book review in The Tablet, 26 Oct 2019, page16. The book reviewed is Timothy Radcliffe, Alive in God: A Christian Imagination, the quotation is by the reviewer Piers Plowright.
Toggle Commented Dec 12, 2019 on Advent in 100 Words: December 11 at Living Wittily
Thanks for pointing out the typo Bob - now fixed. Hope life is going well for you.
Thank you Isobel. I loved Peter as a father in God and a friend whose encouragement was one of God's long term gifts into my ministry. We think of you both with gratitude and as blessing in our lives, and think of you often Isobel.
Thank you Lisa - words are never adequate, but they are what we have to speak out of the heart.
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Nov 15, 2019