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Andrea Condie
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Hi there, I found you by looking this guy up! He's just done the same thing to me and I only sold him the Julia Cuccia Watts Journey into Egypt deck and book, brand new, for £80 on Ebay. He would've paid around £150 if he'd purchased directly from Julia's website, he complianed it arrived late, then complained that I'd listed the deck as OOP to "get more money", he harrassed me all the way through and gave me terrible feedback, I've had 100% feedback for years. This man is a very nasty individual and I feel very sorry for anyone who has to deal with him. He makes one feel awful. I'm so sorry you've been at the end of one of his nasty scams but I have to say I do feel better now I've learned I'm not the only person to be unforunate to cross paths with him. I'm going to do all I can to tell as many people as I can about him. Andrea
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Mar 31, 2020