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Jim Vestal
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This is kinda long, but I don't want anyone to do, to themselves, what I've done. Never again will I put off filing my taxes. I've caused myself a big headache, and probably lost my stimulus money, that would've been avoidable had I not procrastinated filing my taxes, even though I was due a refund. :( I was due a refund of a couple hundred bucks, so I wasn't worried about my 2018 being late, and basically forgot about it, until I learned that I actually owe money ($1,000) for 2019. I wanted to make sure I paid on time and this stimulus check would help me recoup that money I have to pay IRS. So I started working on getting that 2018 return done and sent in. I've used Web Turbotax for decades and figured I would just e-file the 2018. I logged in to Turbotax and finished the return, but was then told the e-file deadline was last October and that I would need to file by paper, DOH! So, I had to purchase the 2018 version of Turbotax, print the return. I mailed it FedEx-Overnight-AM delivery. Then I was thinking maybe if I file my 2019 return, the IRS would use that, because I didn't know how long it would take them to receive and review the 2018. DOH DOH! I can't e-file my 2019 return because they haven't received my 2018 yet, so they don't know my 2018 AGI which is how I'm signing my return. Again I was told that I would have to mail paper copies of the 2019. DOH DOH and DOH!!! I sent the 2018 FedEx package on 3/16/19. It is now 4/2/19 and FedEx says the package has not been delivered (Delivery Exception?) for 2 weeks!! I called FedEx and asked them what was going on. The gentleman on the phone told me that basically, the IRS has a "bucket" at their facility in CA. and they have not picked up the mail in that bucket yet. The next scheduled pickup was April 7. Now, I have no idea how this is all going to work out. What if my return still hasn't been reviewed by the time they start sending these stimulus checks? Will they check my name after the review to see if I've been issued a stimulus check yet? Did I screw myself out that stimulus check? It's all my fault. I may have traded a $3,000 stimulus check for $200 IRS refund. Learn from my mistake folks; even if you have a refund coming and there are no penalties for late filing, don't procrastinate, e-file them early. You never know if there is going to be a horrible pandemic and you end up out of work or taking a cut in pay, just to find out that the government is going to step in and help you, IF you've filed your taxes. Added to all of that, if you're the one responsible for filing taxes, you're probably in the dog house when it concerns your, in my case, wife. :((
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Apr 2, 2020