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User experience is king. There really aren't any acceptable excuses for poor UX when it comes to a product that exists in the game/entertainment market. If your product has bad UX - you will lose. It's a testament to how good SL's core value proposition is that it has existed for as long as it has with such bad UX. Or perhaps the better way to look at it is that no one has attempted to compete with SL over the same value proposition (MMO sandbox platform with user created content, including adult content). Therefore, SL exists simply because it has no competitors competing directly over the same value prop. No competitors = really bad UX with no incentive to improve. One would think that making more money would be incentive, but LL decided to go all in on Sansar. Now that that adventure is over... will LL finally getting around to improving SL's UX? Depends on whether they want to grow its user base or simply maintain it. From a user's perspective, it's too bad SL has no direct competitors!
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Apr 12, 2020