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James Lawrence
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My very first car was a '68 Monterey. My Dad looked for months to find the best car for me,and we had agreed I would pay for half of it. I've had many cars since then(1977) and I still consider my Monterey to be my favorite. I remember that when starting it you never heard the starter,you just bumped the key over and that wonderful 390-V8 hummed to life. For years,whenever I saw an episode of 5-0 I'd think "there's that beautiful car." I hope to once again have a 1968 Monterey and have it restored to new and original condition. Sadly,I lost my treasure when another driver ran a STOP sign and I T-boned him. My car stopped in the center of the intersection,while his car(a '72 Maverick) was knocked clear off the road and through a fence. I guess that's what 3,800 lbs. at 45 mph will do. Neither of was hurt,but my Monte was totaled. Someday I'll have that second 1968 Monterey.
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Dec 31, 2019