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EV battery (and charging) resources are limited. Here again is my basic battery distribution chart: ‘1’ BEV freight truck with packs of 500kwh (5 packs in 10 years) ‘8’ BEV delivery vans with packs of 125kwh. (2 packs in 10 years) ‘30’ BEV Tesla ‘S’ sedan “Road Lizard” packs of 85kwh. ‘140’ PHEV Chevy Volt sedan packs of 18kwh. ‘500’ PHEV Prius sedan packs of 5kwh. (1 pack per sedan in 10 years) This Ford BEV pickup battery pack may be in the 125kwh range; probably adapted from the Ford BEV delivery van drivetrain. Its ability to supply household power in grid failure is noteworthy, but the more households with such systems the better, which is why the term "interim" to describe Plug-in Hybrid tech should be replaced with "indispensable" instead.
Well, I must beg to differ on the chassis; this Ford type chassis is inappropriate for EV conversion. Ford / GM paratransit vans are 1970's tech seniors then like today need easy boarding Low-floor chassis with most stable/safe suspensions these lack, glaringly lack. The standard 40' municipal bus likewise do not convert to EV very well. The Yellow School bus is 1950's tech. Coincidentally the same chassis used for prisoner and road crew transport. So, if these buses are good enough for prisoners, they're good enough for children? Is that what you're saying?
BMW/Daimler freight electric truck battery pack is huge, 550kwh, roughly 5x Tesla 'S' BEV sport sedan, 130 Chevy Volt extended range sedans, 110 Prius plug-in hybrid PHEV sedans. PHEV sedans last 10 years. BEV freight trucks last 2 years and replaced. Solar PV rooftop array matched to PHEV and neighborhood mini-grid systems foretell a survivable future possible, less than 10% but still maybe tiny chance.
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Apr 23, 2020