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Pepe Out
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The VR industry has not died, the bubble has deflated (true), but right now it is a growing market, similar to what a new game console would be. And in this VR game console it is very similar to Second Life. When you appear inworld, you appear at home, you can customize your character, you can teleport, it has a considerable immersion capacity. I think all those VR efforts should focus on Second Life and turn it into another application for Oculus, Viveport, Steam vr, Windows mr, etc ... VR CHAT is growing and has no currency, no creator market, is literally a baby. Second Life has a huge world to explore at the outset and a very considerable community of creators. I do not say that it becomes an exclusive VR application, but simply take advantage of the ability to be all at once and add another capacity.
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Feb 22, 2020