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I read with keen interest the article by Joe Hanlon a person of rare intellect and well versed on Mozambican political and economic affairs. I remember his "Beggar Your neighbors" and "Mozambique: Who calls the Shots". Excellent pieces of conversation. These two seminal books had rare merit of not only accounting for what Apartheid was doing to a just independent poor country, but they shade light as what the world should do to rescue. His advices were taken seriously and Apartheid is now in the dust bin. Since then, I followed Joe's writings about Mozambique. I read his passionate writings about poverty in Mozambique where "do bicycles equal development in Mozambique?" comes as one of those begging for deep thoughts. However, as times go, it seems, also paradigm shift set in the way intellectuals think.Could Joe going through the same natural wave? Noam Chomsky in one of his seminal essays about the responsibility of the intellectual, advise that science, if not properly managed, can turn a weapon that can militate against the very society it purports to help. In this article Joe does a hassled comparative analysis of what happened in Malaysia and Mozambique, implying that, as the former Malaysian PM was associated with the liberation, Mozambique's Frelimo should, without hesitation, prosecute any leader regardless of the liberation accolates. He also seem to be advising the Investors and Multilateral lending institutions to rethink about their position to proceed with the venture. I am not sure what developmental value these view bring to poor Mozambicans. How many years Mozambicans should be punished simply because of the betrayal of its generosity? It is not a conspiracy theory that most of Marxism-Leninism discourse of the 1970/80s mimicked by the leaders of Frelimo were the product of the advice from the then Western "Cooperantes" who had no chance in their Western capital. They found the poor newly independent Mozambique a fertile ground to test their theories already failed in the West. I do not think Joe would like to re-edit the same experiences trying a thesis that "if you question development assistance in whatever form it come to developing countries,the result could be i) building weak states amenable for easy manipulation by the international capital, and/or ii) create an extreme nationalism that could be out of Western control. Surely Joe aspire none of these hypotheses. Finally for this comment, could Joe assist with what could be done to curb corruption, rent seeking and subservience to donors? How could poor rent seekers do against corruptors regardless of where they come from? Am sure if we could have inputs like the answers to these questions, perhaps we could be a step ahead in the global fight against corruption in favour of poor communities. I hope Joe will help.
Gil, creio que Mocambique ainda tem muitos por honrar aqui antes de pensar nos que ca vieram consolidar o colonialismo.Talvez os trisnetos desta generacao poderao o fazer pois terao se esquecido de que, estes que queres serem honrados, uma vez nos chamaram estrangeiros na nossa propria terra e nos chamaram de indigenas. As feridas ainda sao fresca. Nao acordemos coisas que podem alimentar resentimentos. O colonialismo foi mau. Ele foi feito pelos homens que na sua altura pensavam estarem genuinamente a fazer a obra de deus de "civilizar" a la Europa. Temos muito por resolver na construcao do estado Mocambicano Aquele abraco amigo
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Mar 8, 2020