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don't be naive.
I understand it had to do with the revenue split on a neutral site.
Centercourt does a great job covering the action. I differ with 95% of the posters on this board who have no clue about scholar/student-athletes. Its almost impossible to judge an individual's talent unless they exceed against the best. I stand by my opinion that top talent does not go unnoticed and the true best of the best are those offered D1 scholarships as they are rare and the college coaches compare talent from WNY against every other place they recruit. If you think your team is better than Park, play the game or play the nationally ranked teams on their schedule they lost to.. Park hasn't lost to a local team in 2 years, has not lost at home to a local team since 1/2017. AND will have produced the last WNY NBA drafted player since Niagara Falls in 2005.
24/7 sports and verbal commits do as well as my private sources. they get info from schools (ALL). BTW my son has a Sweet 16 ring so I've been there
Yes he is talented. He may have interest. The NCAA doesn't show any D1 scholarship offers for him at this time.
Do the math. There are 347 D1 Basketball Teams. 4511 Total Scholarship Players. Approximately 1128 Scholarships are available each year. That's NATIONALLY. My research shows 99 Section 6 teams, 10 MMHSAA teams and 1 NYSAIS team. Approximately 1430 local high school players. Though not all desire or have the talent or ability to play at the next level or the GPA to qualify, it still goes to reason, those with offers are the best of the best.
Congratulations to all selected honorees and to the unselected starting seniors whose season abruptly ended. I still believe local is "local recognition" and is biased in that manner. As of 4/8/20 only 3 honorees on the 1st 3 teams (including POY) have D1 offers. 1st Team: Roddy Gayle Jr., Jalen Bradberry and 3rd Team: John Orogun. College coaches recognize talent and ability.
Posted by Canisius HS. Varsity basketball results for the decade: 90-11 (89%) Home; 216-59 (79%) Overall; 126-19 (87%) League. Federation Titles: 1; State Titles: 2; Manhattan Cup Titles: 6; College Players (all levels) 20. The Park School of Buffalo was only in the MMAA for half the decade. Park is 45-2 (96%) at Home; 109-21 (84%) Overall; and was 54-9 (86%) League. Federation Titles: 2; State Titles: 3; Manhattan Cup Titles 2: College Players (all levels): 13 including 5 current NCAA D1. ALL IN FIVE YEARS.
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I stated D1 scholarship ball - not those who played at any level. Look at scholarship offers. I forgot Jalen was at NF after NC closed. There's a big difference playing local vs national. The High School Park lost to a year ago to finish 2nd at the King Cotton Classic has produced more pro athletes than any school and was named Sports High School of the Decade by SI. If Park's student-athletes perform at a higher level and have more talent, honor them. Don't push them aside for those that only deserve participation awards if anywhere else.
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At Park the only one who could be considered a transfer is Jalen whose school closed so he is not a transfer. On the other hand why wouldn't a student athlete want to transfer to a school with superior academics and proven athletic excellence. Park is not free and everyone pays their way in some form. Many schools are involved in "Basketball without Borders".
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only the 2005 Niagara Falls team exceeded Park. It is fact checked. List major conference or mid major starters that came out of Canisius. Their recent star is a minor bench player on an ok low major.
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for the record Park had 5 players in D1 this year with 3 starting. Joe Jones (Georgia State), Chris Efretuei (Louisiana-Monroe), Jordan Nwora (Louisville), Giambatistta Davis (UB), Mariano Baldon (Niagara). Also a few D2 and JUCO. AND I believe the under-honored and often wrongfully called overated Jordan Nwora was not only named the 12th best player in College Basketball by Sports Illustrated, he was named All ACC, ACC Academic All American and All American by: Associated Press, The Sporting News, The Athlete and USA Today. Further honors forthcoming. KEEP UNDERRATING PARK'S PROGRAM. No school from WNY in the last 15 years has had as many players get to the next level and I believe they could challenge any team on GPA too.
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2020 on All-League Teams - 2020 at The View From Centercourt
Why not just go by D1 offers? - Right... Park jumps to the top. Don't discount Park because they're the only 716 team playing a national schedule. They are still 2x NYS CHSAA Champs, won 1 National Tournament and finished 3rd in another against competition not seen in WNY.
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