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Ted Buila
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Question, if "we" (Trump) is serious about using the IA/US Military "to dominate" BLM protests, is a Tiananmen Square West hurricane in the wind?
Deep: "...How, in fact, is this one materially different." Stay with me for a line or two. Trump's management of C-19 will pretty much sink his 2020 election. His two 'sure re-election bets" (sic) are #1 a 30,000 plus market, and #2 a serious overseas military action, read: war. There is a #3 strategy: hammer home that the C-19 virus is NOT materially different from the flu we've been with for the past decades. #3 is about the only strategy that will put Americans back in stores and on planes in a matter of weeks/short a quarter...and has the advantage of geting Trump re-elected short of more Wall Street monkey business or a war.
Digging/sucking up and selling/shipping our back yard read West Texas/Mountain West+Dakota fracking and peak oil never made sense. The same holds true with exporting the nation's finite mineral and water resources. Once they're gone that's it..none of it is coming back to the America left on this side of the River Styx. The continued digging/pumping up and selling the nation's natural resources for short term domestic and foreign private gain...I guess it's the American Way. America is better than that I'd like to believe.
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Apr 23, 2020