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I completely agree, Carol! We editors should continue to learn and immerse ourselves in the English language. We can never take too many grammar or editing classes. I even learned a lot more about what I do when I developed my copyediting correspondence course, and I am always revising it as I learn new things.
Exactly! When I introduce myself and tell a person that I am an editor and the response I receive is, "Oh, so you fix grammar," I respond, "Yes, and..." and at that point I see the eyes glaze or look away, that person has been molded by the sticklers, and all I do as a profession is correct grammatical errors.
I am simply excited about those elevators! Those would be great assets to very tall buildings. Maybe it is that certain types of people would like it better than others. As you say, editors need to plan ahead, so this type of elevator fits in with the way our brains work.
Toggle Commented Nov 17, 2012 on Going Up? Plan Ahead at Writer, Editor, Helper
This is a great list of necessities for a resume. Though it may be short, these items are crucial--and by no means easy to accomplish to perfection on a resume. Thank you, Carol, for sharing these items. I will definitely have to review my resume to be sure I follow the dos and not the don'ts! Even though these items are specific to the University of Chicago Press, I think they are highly applicable for any employer, though the resume may need to be tailored to that specific employer.
This is so true! Copyeditors are hired to implement rules and consistency through out a manuscript, and sometimes those editors get so bogged down in the rules that they forget to use common sense. Myself included sometimes!
This letter reads so smooth that one could read it for content and not necessarily pick up on the grammatical errors. Great job in writing a letter from the author that every copyeditor has had!
I have found that when I work directly with authors, many don't care about style. If they have a question, I let them know that books of this sort follow CMS and that CMS recommends that we do it this particular way. That is usually a good enough answer for the authors.
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Oct 13, 2010