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I have to say, I do not find the Islamic aspect of the ban the most troubling one- of more concern, I feel, is that the law, much like our own anti-terrorism legislation, could be co-opted into fighting things it was never intended to. Whilst the police may be cautiously enforcing it, does it not translate also into a ban on masks, balaclavas, and whatever the French government sees fit?
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I agree, to a certain extent, with you Adam- in that large corporations inevitably attempt to collude with the state by any means necessary. Every time regulation is lobbied for, it is the largest companies that back it. We must rob them of the tools to use their power for ill, and that means stopping them being a 'hold your coat' to the state. Whilst your criticisms are valid, they reinforce, I feel, Stephen's points.
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Feb 1, 2010