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Also, don't forget loved ones that are in psychiatric wards, nursing homes, or shut ins. These people get very overlooked around the holidays.
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Sadly in my case, there was no functionality. Parental chronic narcissism ruled the house. Think of kids being parents to their parents.
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Another edge to this that is rarely considered but is still a very valid point is, what if you child has a dream that doesn't involve a traditional secondary education? There are many vocations that pay very well, are exciting, but don't always involve degrees or college. There is what can be an unhealthy societal obsession with the best colleges, when your child's dream may be that of a mechanic, heavy equipment operator, a commercial diver, most of which involves a trade school or aprenticeship. Right now the market is saturated with college degrees and many graduates are finding themselves in the same dead end crap jobs they worked at getting though college, only now they are in heavy debt with no way out. PBS just did an excellent documentary called " Declining By Degrees - Higher Education at Risk", and is a must see. YouTube it.
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Also, light is very biologically important to the waking ritual. Be sure to have already, or get the blinds open to let the sunlight shine in. There are primal receptors in the brain that need this light to signal the start of the day biologically, resulting in the release of chemicals in your brain that start the natural energy cycle needed for the day ahead.
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Feb 1, 2010