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Phil Cattar
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Regarding #2........The best way to reduce what we pay for our health insurance is to change our eating and exercise habits.Mike Bloomberg had it right.No one needs 40 grams of sugar or high frustose corn syrup in a drink.We have a diabetes epidemic on uor hands.If you visit Rome ,chances are 90% of the fat people there are American tourists. The amount of added sugar in some yogurt cups with" fruit" is crazy.A chicken pot pie is assumed by most people to be healthy.Most have 9 g of saturated fat for 1/2 of a pie.Who eats 1/2of a Chicken pot pie?...…...our country is blighted with fast food places.In the 1920's poor people were skinny .Now there is an inverse relationship between weight and poverty.Especiallyamong minorities...….Change our eating and evercise habits and drastically change our Malpractice lawsuit industry and our health costs will drop drastically.
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Feb 15, 2020