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Gladwin Marshall Maphuti
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IT WORKS!!!! Firstly, go to your computer. Open MS Word, create blank page. Save the as "thumbdata3--1967290299.doc" [ default file extension is (.doc or .docx) ] Go to folder, retrieve "thumbdata3--1967290299.doc" and rename to ".thumbdata3--1967290299" (before thumbdata3 there is a DOT) Save it ( .thumbdata3--1967290299) Go to the file properties and tick ReadOnly. Apply and Save Send it to your cellphone. Delete ".thumbdata3--1967290299" in your cellphone folder (File Manager, DCIM, .thumb folder) Restart your cellphone Go to your File Manager, move that ".thumbdata3--1967290299" you created from Computer (as ReadOnly), copy or move it to DCIM-.thumb folder. DONE
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Mar 8, 2020