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The tyre and brakes emission needs to be studied analyzed and not be understimated BUT this is sensationalistic and attention grabbing. Firstly the method of testing as you can read from Emission Analytics "we stacked the decks by choosing the cheapest tyres, ballasted the car heavily, chose a track with average surface quality and designed a test cycle with high speeds andmuch cornering." , so basically they ran an weighted car like they stole it on a track with the cheapest tyre they could find and then compared the weight loss of rubber with the supposed weight limit of the gaseous tailpipe emission that should be emitted in a vicar driven omologation cycle , personally i don't think it's very fair. Also they admit that the tyre emission are mainly large chunks of material that is mostly made of particles that are 1000x times bigger than the micro and nanoparticulate ,the latter also tend to linger in the air that we breathe.
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Mar 8, 2020