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Allegation sounds good: thanks for the heads up. I find this twilight zone of lockdown ‘easing’ and confusion as unsettling as the early days of stricter regulations, so page turning and losing oneself in a good story are still helpful - and always enjoyable, On the subject of finding yourself infuriated by the lack of verisimilitude in a field where you know more than the author, I empathise! I have retired from two professions, having been a museum curator and a university academic, And while I can think of many witty and accurate fictional depictions (often satirical) of university life, museum curators are invariably presented as stereotypes - fusty, unworldly and generally under occupied. I don’t think many novelists bother to find out what curators actually do - and of course, it doesn’t really matter ... Universities come out generally better perhaps because many novelists who write about them are also teachers - eg on creative writing programmes. Supporting my (off the cuff)) theory, the best novel about a museum is ‘The Hound in the Left Hand Corner’ by Giles Waterfield, a former director of Dulwich Picture Gallery. It’s a very funny story of cultural,and political pretensions, and a good read.
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Thank you dear DGR and everyone who comes to this kind and gentle space. Living alone at the moment - like so many people of all ages and circumstances - its lovely to hear your voices and be reminded of how much we have in common. By ordinary definition, I am a stranger to you all - but I recognise myself in you and in that sense, you are not strangers to me. Thank you Judith for also reminding me of Merivel. I read it a while back and have just downloaded the audio book read by Sean Barrett (who reads the Jackson Lamb books so wonderfully) - it will be perfect listening in my pocket when gardening, weaving ... or (let’s be honest) just sitting...
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I confess that I had a little cry reading this. I have a chronic health condition and am fearful that the virus would knock me for six. I am very very fortunate - I have my weaving loom, garden, a basket of unread library books and can easily buy food online. But I am also feeling the absence of my husband who is a doctor in another city and Is leading the management the virus in his hospital; I think he’s exhausted already and weekends are cancelled. I know this sounds very ‘first world’ on the scale of things and I am not complaining. It’s just that your perceptiveness, kindness and generosity in opening up this space touched a nerve - but in a good way. Thank you. My current reading? Usually I dive into Georgette Heyer or EF Benson in times of stress, so rather oddly I’ve just started Benjamin Moser’s 800 page biography of Susan Sontag. It’s tremendously well written and my goodness, what a life.
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Mar 13, 2020