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Marek Fogiel
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Hi Mike, I've just peeped in to see if you were still alive. BTW, is it possible to follow this on FB? I have no time to sift through many sites. But now down to the point: I am in Italy, locked down like everybody else. At this monent in time, it does not matter if Trump is incompetent and how many mistakes have all politicians made. What counts, is not to spread the epidemic around, and survive. Eventually, the elections will come and people will judge. Meantime: take this VERY seriously. Most infections come from people with no symptoms and most of them are kids. You also get infested from virus left over on surfaces - it can survive up to 5 days on hard surfaces. General rule is: wear a mask and gloves, if you have no mask, take a piece of cloth, it is for NOT SPREADING anything. Pretend that anybody who comes into your house does the same. Sanitize all your shopping or set it aside for a week before you touch it with bare hands, After you come back from a shop, take off the mask, gloves and shoes OUTSIDE the main dwelling and wash your hands right away. Above all stay home and don't see anybody. Good luck !
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Mar 22, 2020